Active Campaign - Leads Not Transferring


Hi @Joseph_CdeBaca,

Thanks for your email.

  • It appears that you have not gone through the training so are needlessly getting stuck.

  • There is NO need to add a field to form to use it. Fields once created in LH can be used by ALL decision trees forever. The transfer of data is controlled by field mapping. Whatever you map, LH will transfer. There is NO need to map fields if you don’t want to.

  • There is NO need to delete the connection, reconnect and also redo all the field mapping if LEADS are not transferring. We have thousands of leads getting captured and getting transferred per day.

  • For a FORM node, only add fields that you want to display. You can use any field you’ve created without adding it to a form.

  • Move the ESP node to the end.

  • If you DELETE an ESP connection you will lose field mapping so will have to update the ESP node again.

  • It takes about 30 seconds to 2min for API to transfer leads and upto 5-10min for ESP to show leads in their UI. Please hit the refresh button to update the leads transfer message inside LH.

Video to explain thee points in detail: