Calculation - How to include a reference to a field in a calculation further along


I am looking to confirm the loan amount to be borrowed and it includes a question - which is if the person is eligible for a FHO - first home owner discount and also - if they are buying new (2 seperate nodes).

When I get to create a custom field - I dont see any of these fields and I also cant see now to credit a custom field from the answers



Hi @Kelvin_Mason

Great to see you’re already creating something. :slight_smile:

Can you please confirm if you have already created custom fields for loan amount?

These will be ‘number’ custom fields.

Answers and custom fields are 2 different things.

You can create a question like ‘Are you a first home buyer?’ with answers YES and NO

The answer is available for you to create paths through you decision tree but that answers does not automatically save into a custom field. You need to create a custom field and save the answer into it.

You can save answers in any number of different variations into as many custom fields as you want. This means you can select more than one custom field to save answers into.

I hope I am answering your question?

Side note: If you want to draw different paths then be sure to click this checkbox. It will create each answer as an exit node…

Once in a custom field then you can use a calculated field and add a formula referring to any previously created fields.

You can also refer one calculated field into another if required. Please note: A calculated field can only use a number or another calculated field as its input.