Change text colour in text editor


Hi Nik

I completed a decision tree and then wanted to change the text colour (in the text editor) and could not find a way to change this all at once (like I can change the answer button colour) … I had to go through every node individually, highlight the text and change the colour. Am I missing something here, or can this be done in an easier way?

Thanks, Leanne



Hi Leanne,

Unfortunately each text editor is on its own. Further there are use cases where each node has different content, with colour to match images etc etc. In this case it would be a disadvantage to have one control for everything.

One way to speed up the process if you’re comfortable copy/pasting HTML. You can copy and paste the HTML code after setting the copy for one. Not sure if this save any more time but sometimes it does help to work in code view.



Ok thanks, that makes sense.
Appreciate the clarity.