Conditional Calculation


Hi, Nik

I’ve been hunting for the right syntax to use for an IF type calculation.

I want to be able to say if {custom-field} >30 return a value of 4, otherwise return a value of 0.

I can then add that value to the total risk score.

How do I do that?

Thanks, Trudy


Hi @Trudy

Would this work?

You can update custom fields if a specific condition is met.



Maybe? I’ve tried it and it sort of works, but not fully.

I am adding up the points for a sub-section (and because it’s a sub-section, I need to define what to add together as part of the calculated custom field, right?) and then (as I understand it) I am telling LH to then add in more points to that sub-section’s score if the criteria I set up are met.

Or do I have to set it up so that it works that way for the whole sub-section (the way you’ve suggested), i.e. use a decision node outcome to update a custom field?

Cheers, Trudy



I’m not sure I’m fully understanding this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes this is correct. I’m assuming this update of field is ONE number that is used in a calculated field.

In this case you’ll use a calculation field.

Side note: If you display a calculated field, then LH automatically executes the calculation. There are times when you want to perform a calculation (say an intermediate calculation), then you’ll need to do this…

Why? Unless a field is displayed, LH has no way of knowing when to execute the calculation so add the field to a text editor with display:none attribute.