CSV Export - blank fields?


HI Nik

Re Decision Tree > Remortgage Savings Test

This is live and we’d done loads of testing on this, entering my own details to ensure correct data transfer to google sheet.

Very low leads at the moment but it’s early days, currently on day 2 of running Facebook paid traffic to this.

I just exported a CSV file of leads and I notice when I open the file, I can see all the testing information and the leads, but there are a lot of blank fields inbetween, all with a time reference next to the date … what do these fields indicate? Is this when a user lands on the page and does not proceeed?

I am trying to gain insight into the report.



Sorry I forgot to ask the next question, is it possible to export the date and time that the lead arrived into the system to my google spreadsheet?



Hi Leanne, that is correct. We create a lead record as soon as someone lands.

I don’t trust Google or any other analytics system.



Yup, it’s an .csv file so can be opened in google sheets.


Go through the data analysis modules where I show pivot tables. That will reveal insights quickly.


Thanks for the quick reply, this is good insight,
Yes I watched about pivot tables, have used them before, it’s useful that the system records everyone that lands on the page, valuable data to have.
So this is telling me we have huge bounce rate, so it’s a disconnect/lack of trust from the advert to the landing page??

I know I can open the csv in excel or google sheets, but what I wanted to know was can I transfer the date and time with a zap to my spreadsheet?
Thanks, Leanne


With a zap, unfortunately not.

Zaps only pickup leads.