ESP Mapping issue and double checking DT readiness



Dear Nik

On Feb 8th got my FB Business Account disabled because I - stupidly - tried to edit the Destination Web Address of my approved test ads. It’s been a tough couple of weeks sorting this out.

Ever since I have been trying to figure out how to appeal this with FB and finally after engaging a friend who runs a social media strategy training site I have a plan.

First step is to double check every piece of my puzzle and I started with my LH DT.

I found that my Leads Hook DT was not properly mapped to Aweber. Even though that would not impact my FB situation I want to make that right.

I made the correct changes in my Forms (removing the rlink) and now my mapping in my ESP Node looks like this:

Good plan?

You will see that I activated the Upper Case option of making sure the first letter of the first name was always capitalized.

And now because of that a question:

Why does that form field “first_name:uppercasefirst” say Required = False and Visible = False instead of True?

Also, would you comment on my overall Quiz? I now feel I have all the pieces ready to go. Once I hear back from you I will take my second step with FB.

Second Step:

I will try to set up a new FB Business Account. ML wanted us to build our ads in our Business Manager account.

If I get a message that I am prevented from setting up another Facebook Business account I’ll attempt to create my ads from Personal Ads Manager and see if FB allows me to do that. If so, I’ll run ads from there for a while to establish a solid track record with FB.

Thank you again for all your help.

Michael McKay


Hi @Michael,

I’m sorry to hear about your FB issues. I hope these issues get sorted out.

=> This is not a correct use-case. The case uses are only FOR display. I don’t think it will save the name like with first letter with uppercase. Further there is no need to do this. Aweber takes care of this.

Have a look here:

Answer custom fields are NOT visible. Please setup this field under FORM. Answer custom fields are hidden.



Thank you Nik,
I read over the Aweber link. Thank you.

If the :uppercasefirst extension is just for display in Leads Hook do I have the settings correct now under Manage Fields?

Please see below:

thank you


Hi @Michael,

Yup, your use case is correct.


Use the first_name field to capture the name and {first_name:uppercasefirst} to display.



Thank you @nik
Much appreciated.

If you or your staff have time I would appreciate any feedback on my DT which is now ready for review…and hopefully launch.

Here is the embeded code link to the page:

Any and all suggestions welcome. Once I’m through this step I will set up my first FB ads.

thank you in advance.



A few comments…

  1. Without seeing the ads etc, I can’t judge the headline or appeal well. But generally speaking a pre-supposition is my preferred approach.

Which of the following…
How many of these…

Please see the 1-hour decision tree training where I go into some detail about this.

  1. Your start page might be a bit long – button is way down.
    => Better to a page where proof, testimonials etc are sitting at the bottom so it gives people evidence about why this quiz etc is good.

  2. Avoid using the word ‘quiz’. It devalues what you’re doing. Disney princess stuff is a quiz. This is better called something else… perhaps an assessment or profile etc.



Thank you for once again giving me such valuable direction.

Please look at the newly revised landing page here:

You will notice that I:

  1. Added a pre-supposition. (and btw, brushed up on the NLP 13 Presuppositions which I will email to you separately)

2 & 3. Shortened my Start Page, choose a Learn More gif button and finagled the width size in Thrive Architect so that the page appears above the “fold.”

I also removed the word “quiz” from the URL.

I did not have testimonials to insert BUT a bigger problem was that I could not figure out how to put more text “sitting at the bottom” as you had suggested.

I looked through the training but couldn’t find how to put text below the button. Can you direct me how to do that? Thank you.

I want you to also know that it is fortunate that I have watched so many of the LH training videos and have taken such copious notes. I remembered you bringing up “pre-suppositions” in that 1-hour video from Toronto and found that segment by first looking through my notes. I have also taken screen shots of most of that video…packed with great stuff.

My last loose end is figuring out why my emails from Aweber are not being sent to me after I can see in LH that the email address has been properly transferred. That is a mystery to me right now.

Making great progress now. Thank you again.



You could do something like this:

=> It’s a separate page and then links to a decision tree.
Or have content under the decision tree embed - so content on your page not in LeadsHook.

=> Trace it as follows…

  1. Find your lead under ‘Leads’
  2. Ensure it says 'transferred = yes"
  3. Go to Subscribers in Aweber and see if your lead is there.
  4. Ensure your autoresponder has been setup etc. [manually add a lead to Aweber and see if email fires).

Use this service: for a 20 minute email address.

And test with a fresh new email so you test as a new lead every time.




Site is looking good.



Nik, Not working and it is a mystery. Per your list above.

1&2: In LH I see the lead is properly there; transferred=YES. Plus I set in LH to be instantly notified which properly filed and it emailed to me AOK.
3. In Aweber I double checked the AutoResponder and test fired the response email and it all worked great.

Not sure but I think the problem has to be over at Aweber. I am out of time today but I will work on it tomorrow.

And thank you for the workaround tip from the Michael Gerber site on how to show information below the Button. I assume in that setup I do not need a “Start Page” because the DT URL is then linked directly into the first question of the DT. Yes?



=> Yes that is correct. You don’t need to use LH’s start page. Your decision tree can start from a question.



My FB ads are running and everything is working in my DT and Aweber integration. BTW, Aweber immediately removed the double opt in and here is what I said and what they said:

Dear Aweber,

Please could you remove the requirement for double opt for my list, “LBAL Number 1”.

These leads are being generated from my Leads Hook quiz, https://…

As requested, the confirmation message is disabled for API (Third Party Integrations).

Thank you for all your excellent help. You REALLY helped me.

I also overcame FB disabling my new Business Facebook account. After engaging numerous “experts” I finally found an article that briefly mentioned that if the Business FB account was probably disabled due to a simple rookie mistake (like mine was…I edited the Destination Web Address after the ad went live…a no-no) that I should just attempt to reopen another Business FB account with different email and CC and most likely I would be “allowed” to do so.

It worked. I am up and running. Ads just went live a few minutes ago.

I am posting this in case any other LH user runs into being disabled by FB.

I hope this helps them because it really is very frustrating - scary - to not know what to do.

All the best,



Great to hear everything worked out well.