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Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering, can I have a custom conversion on a specific node (like the “thank-you” node)? (I don’t know if this is possible because to my knowledge custom conversions are URL based, and it seems that because my quiz is integrated with Wordpress and Thrive, that the quiz all occurs on 1 URL.
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Leadshook is a dynamic page – and as you have correctly observed the URL does NOT change.

This is why we use events… in fact events are far more robust and scalable then URLs.

You can still setup audiences & conversions etc using events as well.

Get more here:



Hi Nik! Thanks for the fast response! :slight_smile:

I have 2 follow-up questions I was hoping to get your insight on:

  • Question 1

I have the Facebook Base Pixel installed on a Wordpress page where I’m hosting the Quiz, and I also have a ViewContent Standard Event there too.

(So to clarify, I have no FB code within any Leadhook nodes yet)

Because the base pixel is already installed and firing on that page, do I need to also add the FB Base Pixel to Leadshook’s global scripts? (I’m afraid of duplicate pixel fires, etc – not sure if that’s applicable to the base code.)

I’m thinking of only adding the “Lead” standard event code to the “thank-you” node. Will that work without adding the FB base code to Leadhook’s global scripts?

  • Question 2

Is there a way to distinguish this Lead standard event (mentioned above) from my other Lead Standard events installed on other pages of my site? Because LeadsHook is dynamic on my Wordpress page, I can’t use a URL custom conversion (as you mentioned in your first reply). Is there a way to make a Lead Standard Event have more parameters so that I can distinguish that it’s for my quiz results?

Thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon!


Hi @Richard

No, it will not work as described.

Remember, your page is NOT LeadsHook so FB pixel has no way to fire inside LeadsHook.

Any facebook pixel and events you place on your parent page (your site) will fire on your site. Nothing will fire inside LeadsHook because you have not added FB pixel inside LeadsHook.

Your parent page pixel and events should be left as-is. But, you’ll need to add base pixel under global scripts OR as a script at the decision tree level. Both will work. Please ensure the global script is selected under tracking at the decision tree level (not node level).

Then add events such as view content or lead using tracking at node-level.

Further, you’ll want to do through these forum issues which explains further details…

Yes duplicate pixels will fire but one for EACH domain (your page and then your decision tree – this is CORRECT – FaceBook Pixel Helper will report this as an error but in this case FaceBook pixel helper is wrong).

No it will not. Adding a LEAD pixel at on your thank you page WITHOUT a base pixel in LeadsHook will not track anything. Events NEED base pixels to work because an event is an extension or addition to base pixel.

Yes, watch this video: https://www.leadshook.com/module-10/analytics-tracking-advanced-tracking-using-facebook-events/

You can custmise event with further details:


fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’, {
content_name: ‘DecisonTreeName’,
content_category: ‘MoreDetail’,
value: 0.50,
currency: ‘USD’

fbq(‘track’, ‘ViewContent’, {
content_name: ‘Really Fast Running Shoes’,
content_category: ‘Apparel & Accessories > Shoes’,
content_ids: [‘1234’],
content_type: ‘product’,
value: 0.50,
currency: ‘USD’




Also ensure you clear your cache and cookies before each testing – sometimes LEAD pixel will how up as an error in facebook helper pixel because testing and retesting in the same browser messes up the cache.


Thanks so much for your responses, Nik!

I added the base code to my global scripts, selected it on the decision tree level, and have added a “Lead” standard event on one of my results nodes. When I tested it (not in preview mode), I got a green checkmark next to Lead in the Pixel Chrome Helper, so that’s great!! (It wasn’t working in preview mode…is that normal?)

I have a few more questions I was hoping you could help me with…

  1. I see in regard to customizing the Lead Standard Event, you provided a template of the coding in your response. I was unaware that you could add parameters to standard events and I wanted to ask – will those parameters appear within FB when you try to create custom audiences? So for example, if I want to create a Custom Audience of everyone who became a Lead through this specific Decision Tree, would FB allow me to choose a parameter such as “conent_name” or “content_category” that I manually added to the code?

  2. Also, is the coding you wrote above exactly what I should type in, with the same spacing and just my Decision Tree Name (should I just copy and paste what you wrote and insert my criteria)? And will I see those parameters in the FB pixel checker?

Do you know of any resources that teach about adding parameters to standard events?? I couldn’t find them online other than your video.

Thank you so much!!


Hi @Richard

Now this is the money question. :smile:
=> You’re operating at the top 1% level now.

Yes, you can build custom audiences with events – that’s why events are the gold standard because they are so much more flexible and scalable then URLs. Events allows you to see so much more about what’s going on and who your ideal customers are.

So yes, standard events and parameters do appear inside FB for reporting and also for optimisation and scale. You can create custom audiences and lookalike audiences using events.

CAUTION! When testing, sometimes FB reporting can take about an hour for your events and parameters to appear inside FB. Generally the reporting is quite good but can take an hour or so. The best way to check is to use Javascript console on your browser – this shows your browser firing the pixels and events etc.

In fact you can also add your LeadsHook custom fields inside the FB standard events! :slight_smile:

This means you don’t have to hard code anything – let LH dynamically take care of your parameters and create your FB events for you.

More here:

No, that’s was just my example. You can add in whatever you want. I have seen FB sometimes play up when you have spaces. So I generally use _ to ensure there are no spaces.

Yes, the FB pixel checker shows parameters. But my preference is to see at code level using JS console in the browser.

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much, Nik!!

Thankful for your insight and advice. :slight_smile: