Google Tag Manager - integration page won't load


Hi Nik

I’ve followed your video step by step to set up Google Analytics and GTM.

When I come back to Leads Hook to integrate GTM the page won’t load for me to integrate.

Please see this 30 second video showing the problem I’m having.

Many thanks



Hi Leanne,

Thank you for making the video.

Interesting bug - only affected your account.

Getting it fixed.



Hi @Annmarie_Baylan,

We removed your integration - please readd your account in.

Your account was already added in but for some reason could not be displayed. We removed the integration. Any prior updates will be preserved so reintegrating will display the all of your containers again.

Best we can tell, access was revoked but not sure.



Thanks Nik. I’ll get to this tomorrow.


Hi Nik

I’m having the same problem again, I’ve authorised GTM and went through the process as outlined in your training video, but once I’ve clicked the google button to allow the authorisation, I cannot get back into integrations>GTM.




I’ll see what we can do about this. GTM recently upgraded their API and it has become quite unstable.

Can you please invite to your GTM account so I can take care of this for you. You can remove the access once fixed.

We’ve found the only solution is removal and trial a few times. But I want to make sure this is not a new issue. Sometimes the APIs get changed without much notice.



Hi @Annmarie_Baylan

Can you please confirm you have admin access to this GTM account and have full rights & access. The message we’re getting back is “UNAUTHORIZED”.

We have not seen this before and also can’t replicate it. Since it’s only happened for your login and account, this is my next best guess.



Hi Leanne,

I added one of my test GTM accounts.

Please see if you can access that. I can access it without any issues.



Thanks Nik

When I try to add to my GTM account it says ‘there is no gmail user by that name’

I will follow your video and let you know the outcome

Thanks, Leanne


My mistake… I meant

Please create a new account and see you can add that to this.

I’m guessing you can see the integration I added in.



Yes I can now see your integration.

I created a new gmail account for this -

I will add you to the GTM account now.



Could this be the problem … just realised I’m logged into GTM with my personal gmail account, should be the new one I created … bangonleads.tracking ???


Generally speaking any google account can create its own GTM account. We’re trying to rule out the permission issue with whatever your previous GTM account was.

Yes so please log out and then when you integrate Google will ask you to login again. Then login in with your new account.



OK success! It appears that I created the new gmail account and then proceeded to log in with my personal account!


As long as it works, we won’t tell anyone. :slight_smile:


Lol … such a rookie mistake haha!

Thanks for your patience (embarrassed :-\ )


Or bad direction from us. :slight_smile:

All good. Glad we resolved this issue.


If you could remove the whiz testing integration, it won’t seem to let me do that …