Google Tag Manager - integration page won't load


I’ll take care of it.


Hi Nik

I’ve successfully installed the GTM integration, but I have a another question.

In the past we have always used clickfunnels for our landing pages, but we have now moved to Wordpress. This is a learning curve for me as I’m now learning wordpress too …

Moving forward we will be using Leads Hook decision trees on our pages, however I have 2 funnels that were previously built for us by our man in India! If I want to install the Google Tag Manager on those, can I still use the LH container? Or do I have to create another container and copy the code from that one?



Hi Leanne,

We already have a few users who are using ClickFunnels so I know it works without any issues.

I don’t think there will be an issue.

Setup your GTM as follows:

Copy/paste the embed code and you should be good to go.

Please REMOVE any direct code you may be using right now like Google Analytics etc because all of this will be fired by GTM.

Finally, test.



Thanks Nik, sorry if I didn’t explain properly … I don’t want to put Analytics on click funnels pages, I want to put on Wordpress pages that do not contain a Leads Hook decision tree.

So can I used the Leads Hook cross-domain container, or do I need to create another container?



Hi Leanne, oops I missed that! :slight_smile:

Use the same container for everything. It still works even if there is no LH embed code.

Install once and then forget about it. That’s the whole reason for using GTM.

Also you can add targeting options where you don’t want to use specific tags.



Perfect, thank you!