Help with Troubleshooting Techniques


Hi, Nik

I’m doing some troubleshooting on a decision tree and I am having the following problems:

  1. The rlink takes me to the 1st result in the decision tree (there are multiple results pages), but I need it to go to the last results page. How do I let Leads Hook know which rlink to point to?

  2. The fields in the decision tree have been mapped between Active Campaign and Leads Hook and it’s working … except it isn’t passing data across for two of the custom fields (gender and gb_city). I don’t know why that is. I need a process for figuring out why it isn’t working.

  3. How do I add a tag to a URL? I want to let Active Campaign know that someone has clicked on the “Book Me In For An Assessment” URL. Do I use htttp:// or something like that? Or maybe the question should be – “how do I add in a button in a results page that includes a tag that fires off when the button is clicked?”

Thanks again in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Trudy


Problem 2 Is Sorted: I’ve checked in the Leads area that shows the data for each custom field and it says that the value of the field is “null”. And I figured out the problem. You need to include the data you want transferred into the custom field within each question … so I learned something new. :slight_smile:



What’s the canvas URL?

Will make it easier to find the issue.



Hi, Nik

Cheers, Trudy


Hi @Trudy

=> I have never seen this use-case before. I’ve passed it onto my developer. We might have to enhance this part of the LH so a results link is SAVED per results page.
Get back to you soon.

Drip has the ability to add tracking code to your webpages (and decision tree).
So this means we can fire an event click.

Can you please check if AC has that ability (or similar)? It’s largely an AC issue about ways in which events/tags can be fired.

This can be done in 2 ways then. Fire in LH (as your suggestion) or fire on your page where they end up to book etc.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks, Nik

Yes, it makes sense. Looks like in Active Campaign it’s something called “Event Is Recorded” or something like that.

Every time I do one of these decision trees I learn something new :slight_smile:

Cheers, Trudy



Update on this issue.

This issue has been fixed and is in testing.

It should be in production by the end of today.



Excellent. Thanks, Nik.



Issue fixed and pushed to production.

We added a new setting on Results Page.




Thanks, Nik

I’ll check that out and let you know if there are any problems.

Cheers, Trudy