How do I add a phone number as input field?


I don’t see the option to select “phone number” under manage fields tab when mapping my input fields. How do I add an input for phone number?


Hi @tim_bentley,

Apologies for the delay in response.

The systems comes with a number of basic custom fields like First Name, Last Name and Email.

Phone is not one of those fields.

Here are the STEPS:

  1. Please create a new FORM custom field

Please see:

  1. Select “Mobile” as field type from the list

Please see:

Thou it says Mobile, it’s the format for any phone number.

Phone numbers are stored to E.164 format so these numbers can be used for sending SMS as well.

  1. Please be sure to map the fields to your ESP/CRM as well.

  2. Go back to the form node and you’ll see this new phone field available. Select the field and save.

  3. [OPTIONAL] If you want to also add validation, then we recently added in phone validation as well. So now you can validate the phone number as and when its entered on the form. If you’re interested in how to set this up, then please let me know.

If there is anything else, please do hesitate to reply here or send an email to