How Do I Automatically Create A PDF From The Results Page


Hi, Nik

I want to use the results page to generate a pdf (or maybe a landing page) that then gets automatically sent via email to the person completing the decision tree.

Is this possible? Or do I have to go the landing page route to re-create the results page and then somehow use Zapier to connect that with my email provider and automatically (1) pass through the URL to an email template and (2) send that email to the person to whom the results belong.

The more I write the more complicated it sounds.

I just want to have some sort of reason for collecting email addresses. Or would I be better off, setting up Google Tag Manager (so pixelling the quiz) and then use FB to target them and then ask them to sign up? Seems like a double up on ads …

Thanks, Trudy



We have pdfs in our roadmap but here is a good workaround.

A reasonable workaround is to use a ‘fake’ thank you page. So your decision tree STOPS at the thank you page while behind the scenes the REAL results page is generated.

Each person’s results page (which is unique), is saved in the results link field (RLINK). Each RLINK is dynamically generated and corresponds to each person’s results page.

If you map this RLINK to your ESP, then you can pass RLINK. Then simply a matter of adding RLINK to an email. When clicked the person will see their UNIQUE results page.

INSTRUCTIONS HERE (results link displayed on – see below for display on own domain).

If you want to take it one step furthet and display the results link on your domain (i.e. embed the results page inside your own domain), then please see this:



Thanks, Nik

I’ll have a crack at that and see how I go.

Cheers, Trudy


For completeness, PDFs are a feature now.


Thanks, Nik.

Cheers, Trudy