How to add multple credit cards for different LeadsHook accounts


LeadsHook allows you to have multiple credit cards saved and then to assign specific credit cards to their respective LeadsHook accounts.

This is particularly useful if you have multiple accounts or manage accounts on behalf of clients as an agency.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT save any credit cards. We securely pass your credit card details and get back a token from our payment processor which is MasterCard.

If you’re only adding or replacing an existing card, then please follow steps in METHOD 1. And repeat for other accounts.

Or you might prefer to manage all of your cards and addresses at once, then follow METHOD 2.

The end result is the same.


Step 1: Click the CC button to access this accounts subscription page.

Step 2: Use the dropdown to select an existing card and address or click the ADD buttons to add a new credit card and associated address.

Step 3: Press SAVE


STEP 1: Add Credit Cards

STEP 2: Add Addresses

STEP 3: Select relevant account

STEP 4: Select a credit card & its associated address.