How to delay showing your results page


There are times in our marketing where we don’t want to show a results page immediately.


  1. Charging for your results so would like to get payment first.

  2. Your lead gen campaign promises to provide a customised or personalised report and adding a few hours or days adds credibility.

  3. You want your leads to confirm their emails (double opt-ins). Delaying a payoff will boost double opt-ins.

The setup here to add 2 results page and is setup as follows…

Add your thank you page first (on this page sell your leads on their next action, e.g. please go into your email inbox and click the link that says "I confirm I want ".
(There are a number of other factors at work when you do this).

Please tick the checkbox “Do not generate results”

Add your real ‘Results Page’, i.e. Lead Magnet below your Thank you page.

Tick the checkbox ‘Hide’.


  1. Your must map your result link {rlink} to a field in your email marketing system (Aweber, Infusion etc). Pleaase ensure results link is PASSING to your email marketing system.

  2. Redirect your double opt-in link to your rlink (if possible).


Send another email with rlink


Send an email with where you send people to a page where you are embedding the results link on a page on your domain. More here:

Results displayed before email confirmation
Rlink not working
Results are showing in the Thank You Page

hi i tried this, but it when i test in preview, im not sure if it works. I just get the thank you page and not the result page in preview test.


Hi @Jonah,

Preview won’t matter. Please ensure you have activated your decision tree.

Activation = saving data = result link (rlink) getting created.
Also please ensure your results link has been mapped to a field at your email service provider.


  1. Ensure you can see your lead under LEADS in LeadsHook => Activate decision tree
  2. Ensure LEAD has been transferred to your email service provider (like Aweber). => check ESP connection
  3. Please ensure results link appears in a field at your email service provider => check your field mapping
  4. Please enure you’re including the results link in an email so your lead can click to view their results.


hi i did the basic of clicking “Do not generate results” in thank you page and clicking “Hide” in the result page. when i activated, it gave me this url

thank you for responding and hope this isn’t too much trouble for you



Please see attached.

Also you can only redirect to a URL (a page not an mp3 file). You can redirect to a page with an mp3 file or video but not to an mp3.


hi i did remember putting a mp3 file, but it appears i dont have it.

did i really actually delete the mp3 file. just want to get rid of mp3 file

for now cant find something for now that ,“You can redirect to a page with an mp3 file or video…”

here is my decision tree far view . so start page, question & answers, form, thank you page(do not generate result), result page(hide) with the mysterious mp3 file, and aweber



I removed the .mp3 file because it was breaking the decision tree.

Using this setup there you can’t have redirecting to mp3 file because thank you page is where they stop.

You can add a link or button on your thank you page for people to click to get to mp3 file but can’t redirect.


hi, when i activated the decision tree, it give me the link

i now just changed the exit url to my affiliate link. all remaining the same


Hi @Jonah,

You can’t have a redirect link because your visitor STOPs at the the thank you page.

There is NO redirect. You can’t use redirects with a thank you page and results page because that would defeat the purpose. If you want to redirect then remove the thank you page.

Alternatively, you can add a LINK to your affiliate offer ON your thank you page.


ok ill delete the thank you page. is there a way to delay my result page?

also before i do this i couldnt even start the quiz. only in preview test it leads me to thank you page but not result page



I don’t think I explained the delay part very well.

You delay the result by delivering it via email (that is the delay part). Not sure if you saw the training on it.

There is NO delay on screen - in the next version we are adding in animations node which you get set a timer for… which adds a delay between opt-in form and results page.

The Thank Page => Results Page setup is meant to allow your leads to go to their inbox to get their results.

This is for those users who want their leads to get used to getting emails AND/OR just want to delay giving results to create a appearance of time being taken to create the result.

There is NO delay on screen per say.


ok got it ill delete that and lets if my decision tree work well


hi again, even without trying to delay the result, i still get not founded.


Finally was able to replicate your issue.

I had not idea what you were talking about. I can see it now.

Let me check


when I go to this site, it has a very slow load and once done loading, it gives me

in the past, when i used google ads, google counted the click, but leadhook did not when it was activated.


@Jonah when I tested it yesterday, everything worked – so I couldn’t understand where the not found was. Found the issue today.

Looks like an API call being made to verify your subscription is giving the error. The call is incomplete. Weird that it’s only happening in your account.

Nothing is wrong with your decision tree. Sorry about this.

Found the issue so should have it resolved soon.



So sorry about this… looks like a corruption.

We simply duplicated it and it’s the one that has been activated. Please check it out and make sure all working as expected.



sorry for the delay. it works. thank you for helping me


Maybe this is basic but I have no idea what this is

  1. You must map your result link {rlink} to a field in your email marketing system (Aweber, Infusion etc). Please ensure results link is PASSING to your email marketing system.

Also, I put hide on the results page and when I activate the tree it shows a message
“This survey has ended”

My goal is to send the results to the lead inbox to train them to open the emails I send,




Hi @Andres,

Firstly, there should be a message when you login into LeadsHook that you have used your free allocation of 5000 impressions (but this did not appear!).

Can you please also confirm if you’ve been getting our remainder emails which the system generates as more impressions are used?

I’m really sorry there isn’t a message inside LeadsHook. I’ll ask my developers to sort this out ASAP.

To update your credit card details please follow the steps here:

This should remove the ‘Survey has ended message’.