How to delay showing your results page



Why mapping, your results link needs to be passed to your ESP (e.g. Aweber).

For the list ‘loaandbeyond’, the Results Link field (rlink) has not been mapped.

This means you’re not send the results link url to aweber. Please see image below…

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I have it marked on the LoA and Beyond quiz, how do I know is passing to Aweber?




Hi Nik,
sorry I didn’t notice I used the 5000 impressions, I stopped using it for a while because even though I got 1400 subscribers
I am not making money with them.
I already updated my credit card information.
I just looked for the warning email and it was in the junk folder on Gmail. I only receive the LH community updates emails.

If you have some time do you think maybe you can take a look at my quizzes structure, especially the results section to see why it is not converting at all?
I do not break even and not even with 20 emails on Aweber sent to 1100 subscribers ( I think I made 90 dollars in total and spent around 800 dollars)
I have also another quiz that got me 270 subscribers from Google Adwords traffic and that made 0 dollars so far, also 20 email sequence sent.

I am very happy with LeadsHook, it is the optimization part of the rest of funnel that I need to tweak, but being new to all this I am lost how to do it.

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  1. Please ensure you have mapped the Results Link to a Field at Aweber – otherwise LeadsHook does not know where to send the URL to.

  1. Now for your NEXT lead, see the results link generated. Also please confirm leads are transferred.

  1. Confirm Results Link in Aweber…

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Regarding your optimisation… I’ll need more info like your landing pages etc.

Best you send those details via private message. Simply click my name ‘nik’ and send message.

I can do a live call with you over skype or I can make a video and upload it.

Your call.



Hey Nik,
It worked!

  1. I can see the link on Aweber within the lead’s information and when I go to the link
    I can see only part of the results (the after results display part), I use accumulated and then add After Results Display and that is the only part I can visualize, all the previous results that come from each question do not appear.

  2. How do I get the system to add the link to the first email of my follow up series on Aweber
    so the lead automatically receives it in the first email

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Hi Nik,
I just found the video that answers question 2! Thanks


My thank you page also shows my results, even when the results page is below in the decision tree, any idea why? so sorry for all the questions



Please review this help post you can provide detailed info so we can help you much faster.

To answer your question…

Please provide a link to the page where you have embedded this decision tree.

Also which decision tree is this. Need the decision URL? The URL when you are in canvas to edit the decision tree.

Thank you