Is it possible to add a drop down list in a question?


Hi, Nik

I want to add a drop down list in a question that asks “What year were you born?”

This would help with quality control within the sales page.

Is that possible?

Cheers, Trudy



Yes, possible. Please see image on how to do it.

1: Click the drop down icon.

2: Enter custom field here (please ensure field exists first).

3: Type 1 here. But you can display all values at same time. Probably does not make sense for age.

4: Click add to add values to dropdown. Text is what will be displayed on dropdown and valus is what is saved to the custom field.

5: Please add a text instruction and select the instructions now and click “Set as selected value” That will ensure this is the first value. Also be sure to use the up/down buttons to place things in correct order.


You can also highlight and use the normal text editor functions like format, font, colours etc.