Is it possible to have a back button without the need for a next button?


I would like my DT to have a “Back” button that returns visitors to the previous question if required. However I do not want the “next” button and I want the DT to be responsive to answered questions as though there were no “Back” or “Next” buttons, is this something that is easy to do?? TIA


Hi @Jonathan_Bowles

I got the do not want the ‘NEXT’ button. Only have a “Back” button.

This one I didn’t understand. What do you mean by…

“DT to be responsive to answered questions as though there were no “Back” or “Next” buttons”.

At the moment we have 2 options for display navigation buttons…

  1. NO buttons

  2. BACK and NEXT



Hey Nik,
If the DT has back and next buttons then you have to press the next button to move onto the next question. Whereas if you do not use the back and next buttons then you move onto the next question automatically after selecting your answer.
So, I would like my DT to go to the next question automatically when the user selects their answer with the added functionality of a back button if the user wishes to change an answer…
Hope that makes sense.:blush:


hi @Jonathan_Bowles,

If user automatically goes to the next question then when will they see the back button. The only option is to have a back button displayed at all times otherwise they’ll always move forward without seeing a back button.

Hope I’m making sense? Is that what you mean?



Yes, that’s it. There will be a back button available at all times enabling the user to skip back through the questions but they will not have to press next to move onto the next question.


It’s been added to dev queue and assigned but probably won’t be delivered in the immediate future. We track behaviour and have not seen much use of ‘back’ button even when there is “back” and “next” offered. Hardly anyone goes back.

The custom field in answers will be delivered soon because it’s easier, faster and allows for personalisation.



No worries, thanks for the feedback! :blush:


We try and deliver but also have to balance the value a feature delivers in terms of concrete gains for you and the rest of the users.

We do go through sprints where we make large changes based on previous requests. This will be addressed in a sprint. Those ideas/requests which can deliver benefits much quicker get prioritised and delivered immediately.

Regardless, every request is documented and goes into a queue for evaluation.