Lead collection not working


Hi Nik

I have a new DT entitled ‘Remortgage Savings Test’
Leads are going to a list in Mailchimp called ‘Remortgage Savings’
All required fields have been mapped/auto mapped.
Zap set up from Mailchimp to Google Sheet to record the leads. Test zap is working.
DT is on a wordpress page and is activated & published but the leads are not pulling through to Mailchimp and I cannot see why?

I’m waiting to go live with this, appreciate you help looking at what the problem may be.


Leanne, please look under Leads first and make sure the leads are there.

They will also have a status next to them like TRANSFERRED in green.

If transferred then you should also see an ESP response. That’s MailChimp telling you we got the leads.

If it does not say transferred then please see what the status is. And ESP response. If there is an ESP response, then it got to MailChimp and did not pass. Check your field mapping to ensure system field, email has been mapped.

If there is no ESP response then the integration to MC might not be setup correctly. Please go to field mapper and see if it bring up your MC lists. If it does then integration is working. And please invite nik@runmy.biz from Account Manager with admin access so I can see your Leads. Otherwise I can’t (GDPR and all) :slight_smile:


Test leads are present but status is red, not transferred.

I’ve added you as admin to check this.

Mailchimp integration looked ok, my list is present in drop down menu.

The mailchimp list is REMORTGAGE SAVINGS.



Hi Leanne @Annmarie_Baylan

MailChimp is giving the error message. Please see the image below.

Click on ‘see full information’ to see the list of custom fields.

The reason is more likely due to wrongly mapped fields. Please check and see if the fields are correctly setup.

E.g. Type, Required/Not Required setting, etc.

Normally it’s because of the wrong type of data OR required type of a thing.

If not sure, then remove everything except EMAIL and start from there. But MailChimp has provided a list so start with that first.



Thanks Nik

It’s a Mailchimp problem, I’ve followed your steps above and it’s true that I had some fields set to ‘required’ which I have changed.

There are 2 custom fields showing in Mailchimp that I deleted and do not exist in my custom fields anymore



I don’t need them and they are not in the custom fields, yet they continue to come up in mailchimp. I have not mapped them as I don’t need them. How can I delete them. The others I do not need except credit status and I cannot see why this is not mapping. I am at a loss with this.



I have 26 fields to map and I’m getting this error now



I have resolved the problem for now but cutting out Mailchimp and zapping straight to google sheets. I do not need Mailchimp at this time, but will do in the future so will look to resolve this issue and check the mapping.


Hi Leanne,

I had a quick look. It appears one field has been wrongly setup…


This should be a simple text field.

Regarding the number of custom fields issue, that’s MC issue. They only allow 30 fields per list.