LH to Aweber transfer issue for only one unique subscriber


Dear Nik
I received a LH confirmation that a quiz subscriber was properly received by LH but that person did not show up over at Aweber.

I duplicated the person’s answers in my quiz and the same thing happened again; a notification of a new lead from LH but nothing from Aweber. Also, when visiting AW nothing for this person shows up.

Please see:

Please note that other people have properly been processed by both LH and Aweber before and after this person with the unique problem.

My request for help is to get this person "dev....7@gmail.com" properly set up in Aweber so she can receive my email followup series.

Please note that I sent in a chat ticket regarding this when the lead first showed up. I chose to post this because it happened a second time when I intervened and thought you would like to know.

Thank you.



Press ‘view’ and see ESP response.

Does it have a confirmation from Aweber?



@nik Yes it did. Found it in Aweber. Apologies.



No worries.

This is why we have the ESP response there – so you can trace the flow.



An update.
My objectives in setting up this first test were to make sure all the “circuitry” connected and, largely because of your assistance, it clearly has.
Thank you.

I am now reviewing what my next steps should be based on what I’ve learned from this little test and am formulating a plan.

On LH: Ignoring the numbers for “Impressions” and “Visitors” which were significantly “me” I am happy that out of 36 completed I obtained 33 leads (3 of which were me or proxies).

Over at Aweber I had 3 unsubscribes and am averaging between 25%-30% open rate on my followup email series.

On Clickbank: No sales yet.

On FB: Total spend ~$80

This next stat is curious. Received via FB “Notifications” - I don’t know how to interpret.

I can see I’ve had 59 unique people either react, like or share my FB fan page (https://www.facebook.com/LiveBetterAndLonger/ ) but I did not link that page to either my offer or my followup emails. I did provide my url as “LiveBetterAndLonger.com

The FB Notifications told me that my FB Fan Page for Live Better and Longer had:

    This is unexpected.
    ALL of these started on the day my FB ad & LH DT went live. Again, I did not ask for anyone to like or share my FB fan page. It just happened.

My next move is to remake my ads as a slide show video and test how that works on a same population.

I am also enrolling today in your recommended program @ teamtreehouse.com . I see the wisdom of your recommendation. Thank you.

A question: on the email you sent yesterday you mentioned watching your “event tracking videos” in the LH training. I went to the training area and entered those words in the search and received this notice:

Any direction would be appreciated. I would like to review those video lessons. Thanks again Nik,



You’re an Austrian Economist/Internet Marketer. :slight_smile:

If those numbers scale then your cost per share/like is outstanding. Clearly your targeting is very good.

Great work – persistence paying off.

You’re most welcome.

Module 10: Unit 6 Analytics & Tracking - Advanced Tracking Using Facebook Events