Marketing Copy Question And Follow Up Re The 1-Hour Decision Tree


Hi, Nik

Finally finished tweaking the 1-Hour decision tree you put together for my Mastermind funnel. Thanks again for doing that and for your marketing copy advice.

I learned heaps from the process and I’ve made a lot of changes to the copy for the landing and sales pages. Not perfect, but enough to start with and then I can split test new versions.

Here’s the link to the decision tree if anyone else in the community wants to have a look. Happy to take feedback. Or if anyone wants to ask me "how do I do that, too? type questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them as well.

Now I just need to finish putting together my Facebook ad to start driving a bit of traffic :slight_smile:

One quick copy question though. When you did the draft decision tree you used the phrase “your real business number”. I changed that to “your real business score” but was wondering whether there was a reason (from a marketing perspective) you used “number” instead of score?

Thanks again.



Hi @Trudy,

Actually score is a better word for what you’re trying to do.

Score has some good pre-framing to it. Higher score = better. :slight_smile:

One suggestion… you should just add a button to that main page and move the decision see to the next page to it loads front and center.

This also gives you room to add other content if you want like What Score Means, How the Score Helps, Testimonials etc etc

One more thing… that page is not responsive.



Thanks, Nik

Not sure I understand exactly what you mean by “adding a button to that main page” … Do you mean embed the quiz on my home page? Or did you mean sort it somehow so that the button for the quiz sits above the fold?

And by responsive, I assume you mean that the page size is not adjusting properly to match screen size? If so, that’s a bit of a worry. I’m using Wix at the moment, so that might be why, but I’m moving over to WordPress (Divi themes) by the middle of February.

Cheers, Trudy


Hi @Trudy,

By responsive, it’s not reducing for screen sizes at all. For the number of ads WIX is running, you’d think responsiveness would be baked in.

For WP, I prefer Divi until we release the LeadsHook page builder. :slight_smile:



Thanks, Nik. That makes sense. Yes, I’m annoyed that Wix isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Definitely easy to throw something together, but does blogs poorly and obviously isn’t as responsive as I thought it was.

Looking forward to your page builder :slight_smile:

Cheers, Trudy