Multiple Choice (radio button) not transferring custom field value


Hi NIk

Decision Tree > Remortgage Savings Test

I have several questions that use radio buttons and store the answer in the custom field.

I cannot get these answers to transfer to my google sheet with Zapier.

I have tried selecting a default value, but still this does not work.

Please can you explain how to make this happen.

An example node from the DT is ‘Intro - confirm homeowner’ or also ‘Credit Rating’

All other nodes are transferring correctly.



Hi Leanne,

Radio button custom field is not broadly supported by their 3rd party platforms so its usage should be limited.

The radio and checkbox CUSTOM FIELDS (not Multiple Choice and Checkbox NODES) are only to be used for form CONSENT.

Please add a custom field (Type: Text or Number) to a multiple choice question.

When in doubt use a TEXT field. This is what I also mentioned in the MailChimp issue.

More info here:

I’ve added create a dev request to clarify this further in the UI itself.

Sorry about the confusion.