Phone field has wrong attributes


Collecting phone number data,

  • the leading 0 is removed
  • the data entry box has up and down arrows for integers




Are you using text field or phone number field? Create a new custom field as a mobile number field.

The phone number field looks at the IP address and shows the correct mobile number format.

Under custom fields there is a phone number field. Add that and add that to your text editor if you’re using a question node or add it as field on your opt-in form.

Please let me know if I’m making sense?



Hi Nik
Yes I’ve used the phone number field and added it to my optin data collection box
It’s on ‘your results’ node


Hi @Tara,

The field is not mobile number. It’s number.

Please select ‘mobile’ NOT ‘number’ from field type.



Got it. Thanks!