Redirect to another URL from one answer only?


Hi Nik

I’m trying to do a simple D.Tree for use on a Thank You Page. See screenshot.

On the landing page, I have given them some free content in exchange for their email address.
On the TYP I’m asking them ‘do you want to use our calculator now to find out how much you could save’?
Multipe choice question (radio buttons) with Yes or No answer.

If they click NO, they just get a Thank You message
If they click yes, I want to redirect to an external URL (without having to link to another node, which creates another step). Is this possible, so it is a direct redirect to another page if they select the Yes answer.

I have watched the video on ‘How to pass data into and out of Leads Hook using custom fields’ but this does not resolve, I’m not wanting to pass data over, just a simple one step redirect.

Here’s the direct link to the DT.

!Many thanks


Hi @Annmarie_Baylan,

More than happy to help.

Connect ‘YES’ answer to a RESULTS page node with this setting…

As soon as they click yes, the lead will move to the results node and get redirected.

Remember you can add any custom fields to the URL as well…{first_name}&age={age} etc etc

This way you can pre-populate the calculator or landing page. Provided you’ve got a script on calc page that extracts the params from the URL.



Perfect, thanks Nik, much appreciated.