Score based on numerical inputs (with basic math)


Hello. Is is possible to perform basic calculations based on Number node type responses?

Want to ask square footage of the rooms in visitors house (Number node type), and then multiply the answer by the price per square foot (which I would define).

It would then spit out the answer in the form of a quote or price or score

Q1 - How many square feet is your living room? (300sqft * $2/sqft = $600)
Q2 - How many square feet is your kitchen? (130sqft * $3/sqft = $390)
Final Score = $990

How to do?


Hi Joseph!

Greetings from LeadsHook!

Great question! You may use calculated custom fields to achieve this calculation.

We have an easy to follow tutorial video here:

In your case, you would need to create:

2 number custom fields: 1 for living room area, 1 for kitchen area

1 calculated custom field: the formula should be as follows:
living room area2+kitchen area3

Let us know if it helps, thank you!


Awesome that was very helpful.


Also one detailed syntx/formula question… how would I round the result values to the nearest whole dollar?

Based on a potential multiplication I’m getting a huge amount of digits after the decimal



Hi again, Joseph!

Glad to hear that you find the previous information useful!

Please open your calculated custom fields and change the Decimal Places.

The numbers registered in the system will still contain the original decimal places, but the numbers displayed to your leads will be based on this settings.

Let me know if it helps, thank you!