Thank you page text sits on top of introductory video


My thank you page has some text ‘after results’ and ‘before results’ but these text boxes are positioned on top of my introductory video.
help please!


Hi @Tara,

Happy to help.

Please post an image so I can see what you’re referring to.

Need context. Whenever asking for help, please provide images and also canvas URL so I can login and have a look. It’ll save needlessly going back and forth.

Looking forward to your response.



Hi Nik
The video shows up first, doesn’t autoplay and then the text box lands on top of it.


Hi @Tara,

Please remove the video from that feature. We added it for testing – it’s meant to play a video and then load questions above the video.

Please click the source button and add your embed code.

Please note: Autoplay does not work on all browsers and devices.



Sorted, thanks Nik!