The quiz is telling people "This survey has ended"


The quiz is telling people “This survey has ended”. I suspect that the issue is that the program is trying to charge me for leads. A couple of weeks ago, after Carl’s post in the LBE forum, I entered my credit card information to Leads Hook for billing purposes. But now I can’t find anywhere on the Leads Hook site to check my credit card information or to re-enter my credit card information.

Please help me get the decision trees back on line.

I have live ads on Facebook sending people to the decision tree and I don’t want to turn them off and because then the Facebook algoritm will start over re-optimiozing. So time is critical. I would appreciate your prompt attention to this.


@Gregory Fixed it as soon as I saw your message.

Please confirm.

Really sorry about this. Small bug on our new billing system.

It didn’t show up for long.

BTW, credit info can be entered by going to clicking on your email address next to logout button and select ‘Account Manager’

This will open up a new tab and try and log you into

Enter same user and password as LeadsHook.

Then click the CC button and update it with your credit card and address. Then I’ll switch you over to new plan.

Not going to charge anything. Just to prevent this error from appearing.

We’ll send invoices first for review as well.