Tracking & Pop-Ups


Hi Riley,

Good question…

  1. I was wondering, what is the best way that you’ve seen to capture leads of people who make it all the way to the decision tree opt-in page but don’t enter their name & email?

A) You still have all the answers under Leads so you can export the leads and see if you’re seeing any common answers around people who do NOT complete vs. those who do.
See Module 12 Data Driven Marketing

Your first step should be to remove them from your paid traffic (e.g. exclusions in FB).

B) You can segment these people out to a different path of questions as a test and see if you can improve the response.

C) Having an opt-in form at the end is a bit outdated. I prefer to ask questions much like a real natural conversation. When you ask for email, ALWAYS give a reason why. We’ll review your answers and get back to you within 24 hours. Why? It’s a bit hard to accept or believe that I’m going to get advice from a machine on the next page. We can’t insult our way to high opt-ins. Would you expect a real relationship expert to give you an answer in 1/2 a second. Test adding a delay. I would even add in 1-2 emails to build anticipation for the result. I hope this makes sense.

D) Try the new chatbot version. It’s working really well. It’s new, fresh and very conversational so may be congruent to your market.
See Module 13 Create A Chat Bot That Lives On Your Website

E) You can also add FB events into each node and and pass answers to FB.
This will allow you to create custom audiences of people who are converting or progressing much further.
This will also allow you to create custom audiences of people who are NOT converting. Much more elegant than a pop-up.

See Module 10: Unit 7 Analytics & Tracking - Advanced Tracking Using Facebook Events

Have clients of yours successfully used pop-ups when users try to exit the quiz?

I don’t know any off the top of my head though you could add an exit pop on the underlying page and see the response. Just be careful with paid traffic. Google and FB have at various times come down hard on this. I guess you could run it for a handful of people who are leaving to learn why people are leaving. But offering a big discount or a report anyway is probably only going to give you a low quality lead. But please do test.

Most of the high volume guys stay away from 'gray or black hat stuff because losing the account is much more expensive.

For free traffic, go for it.

Is it possible to use Facebook retargeting based on the URL of the specific opt-in page for each of my 3 categories above i.e. users who make it all the way to the ‘ex back’ opt-in page but don’t opt in get re-targeted with a specific ex back ad/free report etc.? (I’ve noticed that every page within the decision tree appears to have the same URL?)

Please see E above. Use events instead of URLs. Events a much more scalable.

Also another question - Is is possible to view the traffic moving through my quiz so that I can see where most of it is going and where people are dropping off? I’ve tried to look on google analytics under ‘Behaviour Flow’ but it only shows the quiz as a whole. See below.

Please use GTM container we provide. This ensures cross domain tracking works. This is advanced but preferred way to track so if you’re not comfortable with GTM, then I can put you in touch with someone who can sort it out for you.

Unit 4 Tracking & Analytics - Setup Your Tracking in Google Analytics and Facebook in 5 Mins Or Less [GTM Version]