Two Qs about checkbox questions

  1. Is there a way to make a checkbox-type node allow only one box to be ticked? (vs ability to tick multiple boxes)

  2. Is there a way to make it automatically go to the next node in logic, instead of having the visitor have to click Next ?

If not, please consider this a dire request. I would think the option to allow only one answer in the quiz/question process would be widely needed and common.


Hi @Joseph_CdeBaca,

Yes, please select multiple choice question type. Checkbox allows multiple choices while multiple choice questions allow ONE choice only.

The definitions are based on commonly accepted terminology – it’s not the most logical choice of words.

Videos training is in module 5.

Access training from INSIDE LeadsHook. Please go to: Help > Training & Courses.

Please go through the complete training. I’m sure most of your concerns have already been resolved.

Hi is there a templates gallery? pre-built decision trees?

No we don’t because we have clients who use decision trees for all kinds of use-cases. Research, leadgen, dynamic content generation, offer selector, customized lesson plans etc.

Most of the questions are market specific so any pre-built decision trees would be heavily edited.

If there is something else I can help with, please let me know.