Visitors leaving before receiving tag from start page



Anyone know at what stage a visitor is assigned a tag on a particular node?

My first node is a start page with a tag of “StartPage”. So I would expect every visitor to be assigned that tag?

I am finding that about half of the visitors to the DT are not being assigned the “StartPage” tag.

Does this mean they close the page before it has fully loaded?




Hi @Jonathan_Bowles

I think they are tagged once they move to next node because on a Q&A node, we can’t tag until they click an answer. I’ll get a confirmation for you shortly. Each action increases load time.

Can you provide a good use case for how tags of a start page would be used for users who bounced?

An impression id (system custom field) is generated with each refresh of page.

You can fire a JS event at ‘enter’ to capture each refresh as well.

One of our major focus now is load times. Has a huge impact on conversions.