When setting up Admin, Select Role does not provide option


Furthermore the Chat did not work and sent me into an endless loop. Please help. thank you


@Michael Please give me some context here?

Are you trying to add a new user?

Please use account manager to do that.

If you a login screen then please use the same login and password as LeadsHook.

Account Manager is where you can manage your users/teams and also credit cards and invoices etc (if and when required).

Thank you,



Chat has been fixed.

It will display an email box if we’re offline.



Thank you Nik, But my other problem still remains. When trying to Add a User to the Admin the “Select Role” drop down options only shows the words “Select Role” and no other options.

When I try to save just my First Name, Last Name and Email it says “An Unknown Error has occurred” and will not accept the new user.

Please ee the screen shot below even though it does not show the error message.
Thank you,
P.S. I LOVE the LH Training and am excitedly taking it right now. You guys ROCK.


Hi Michael,

If you want to add new users to your account then please use the ‘Account Manager’. Please see my image above with arrow to ‘Account Manager’.

The add user user interface you’re using has been superseded. We haven’t removed it because we have a new interface coming so no point wasting time on the changing the interface you’re using.

Landing pages and funnels coming soon.